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كن النهضة أينما وُجدت

NEHMA Revival School's mission is to reveal the heart of God the Father and partner with Him in expanding His Kingdom here on Earth.
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نشترك بصلاتنا مع يسوع ونتنبأ على عروس المسيح بالكمال وأن تكون بلا عيب كما وعد… وان تستمد هويتها من المسيح، وتتجدد بتغيير ذهنها فتتغير الى تلك الصورة عينها، وتشع بنورها إلى العالم بإعلان قلب الله الأبوي واستحضار ملكوته

انطونيو & نانسي

NEHMA VISION | رؤية نعمة

NEHMA نعمة purpose is to reveal the goodness of the Father and partner with Him in expanding the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth in all areas of life through grace-based, spirit-filled and family focused teachings & values.

We operate in a family context of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters and God the father is our good father to Whom we all submit and serve out of love in response to His extravagant love.

We are destined to inherit, cultivate and release. We honor all previous revivals and outpourings in all churches and denominations.

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